Anand Shrestha

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

National University of Singapore


  1. Inter-ethnic Fertility Spillovers and the Role of Forward-looking Behavior: Evidence from Peninsular Malaysia (with Emily Beam) [download]

  1. Profits and Mission: Performance Incentives in a Multi-goal Development Organization

    (with Xavier Gine and Ghazala Mansuri)  [download]

  1. Sibling Rivalry and Gender Gap: Intrahousehold Substitution of Male and Female Educational Investments from Male Migration Prospects (with Nethra Palaniswamy, under revision)  [download]

  1. Facilitating Worker Mobility: A Randomized Information Intervention among Migrant Workers in Singapore (with Dean Yang, under revision)  [download]

  1. The Effects of Rural Roads on Farmland Values: Evidence from the Topography-based Road Network in Nepal (under revision)  [download]


  1. No Man Left Behind:  Effects of Emigration Prospects on Educational and Labor Outcomes of Non-migrants (Economic Journal, forthcoming)  [download]


  1. Lesser of Two Evils: Land Inequality and Poverty in Rural Pakistan (with Ghazala Mansuri and Lokendra Phadera)

  1. Incentivizing Pro-poor Governance: Kudos and Cash Incentives for Panchayat Presidents in Tamil Nadu (with Ghazala Mansuri, Nethra Palaniswamy, and Vijayendra Rao)

  1. Information Interventions to Facilitate Job Mobility among Migrants in Singapore (with Dean Yang)


  1. When Monetary Rewards Fail to Motivate Workers, The Strait Times, 10 June 2015.  [download]

  1. Empowering Foreign Domestic Workers, The Strait Times, 19 November 2014.  [download]