Slesh A. Shrestha

           Assistant Professor

Department of Economics


Slesh’s primary field of interest is development micro-economics with emphasis in migration, labor, household decision-making, education, health and poverty, and in the evaluation of policies aimed at inducing economic growth and improving economic and social inequality.

International Migration

Study the effect of international migration prospects on human capital investment at home and the net changes on domestic human capital stock. Understand the household decision making process of the transnational households on important socio-economics outcomes such as education, health, fertility, and savings. Investigate asymmetric information and the role of social networks in fostering better job matching for migrants in foreign labor markets and its impact on migrant’s propensity to switch jobs, earnings, and job quality.

Human Capital

Measure household response to changes in returns to education in international labor market. Estimate the net trade-offs among siblings’ human capital investments and identify potential mechanisms such as resource constraints, labor constraints, and fixed cost-sharing.

Health and Nutrition

Study the effect of early child health on later life labor market outcomes as well as intergenerational transfers in health. Investigate the role of social networks on the adaptation of new agricultural technology and its impact on improving child health and nutrition. 


Estimate the economic gains for agricultural household from a rural road construction. Understand the role of transportation in improving market integration for agricultural produce and its impact on price volatility and food security following negative weather shocks.

Incentives and Micro-finance

Investigate the role of social and financial incentive schemes on micro-credit officers’ performance and preferences.



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