Tatsushi Oka    
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
National University of Singapore

Email:  oka"at-mark"nus.edu.sg
Tel.:     (65) 6516-6939
Office:  AS2 05-22

Maining Address:
     Department of Economics
     National University of Singapore
     Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 
     AS2 Level 6, 1 Arts Link 
     Singapore 117570, Singapore
"NYC" by Zool 
Ph.D. Economics, Boston University
M.A.  Economics, Osaka  University
Theoritical and Applied Econometrics
Recent Research:
"Estimating Structural Changes in Regression Quantiles",
(with Zhongjun Qu)
June 2011, Journal of Econometrics, 162(2), pp. 248-267 [Link

"Divorce Law Reforms and Divorce Rates in the U.S.: An Interactive Fixed Effects Approach",
(with Dukpa Kim)
March 2014, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29(2), pp. 231-245

"Set identification of the Censored Quantile Regression Model for Short Panels with Fixed Effects",
(with Tong Li)
March 2014, forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics

“The Cross-Quantilogram: Measuring Quantile Dependence and Testing Directional Predictability
  between Time Series
(with Heejoon Han, Oliver Linton and Yoon-Jae Whang)

"Testing for Common Breaks in Multiple Equations System",
(with Pierre Perron)
July 2011
"Nonparametric Quantile Regression with Discontinuities",
Nonvember 2010
"Testing for Discontinuties in Regression Quantiles under Nonparametric Settings",
Feburary 2010
EC5103: Econometric Modeling and Appliation I,  Semester 1, 2013
EC3303: Econometrics III, Semester 2, 2014


Last update: March, 2014