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List of Publications

Journal articles (Please email me or go here for PDF reprints)

Balota, D. A., Yap, M. J., Cortese, M. J., & Watson, J. M. (2008). Beyond mean response latency: Response time distributional analyses of semantic priming. Journal of Memory & Language, 59, 495-523.

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Yap, M. J., Balota, D. A., Tse, C.-S., & Besner, D. (2008). On the additive effects of stimulus quality and word frequency in lexical decision: Evidence for opposing interactive influences revealed by RT distributional analyses. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition, 34, 495-513.

Yap, M. J., Rickard Liow, S. J., Jalil, S. B., & Faizal, S. S. B. (in press). The Malay lexicon project: A database of lexical statistics for 9,592 words. Behavior Research Methods.

Yap, M. J., Tse, C.-S., & Balota, D. A. (2009). Individual differences in the joint effects of semantic priming and word frequency: The role of lexical integrity. Journal of Memory & Language, 61, 303-325.

Yarkoni, T., Balota, D. A., & Yap, M. J. (2008). Beyond Coltheart's N: A new measure of orthographic similarity. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 15, 971-979.

Book chapters

Balota, D. A., & Yap, M. J. (2005). Visual word recognition. In K. Brown (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2nd Edition). Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

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Balota, D. A., Yap, M. J., Hutchison, K.A., & Cortese, M. J. (in press). Megastudies: Large scale analysis of lexical processes. In James S. Adelman (Ed). Visual word recognition.